Size 8

The band went through seven working titles for
this album before settling on one that was
agreeable to all. While Ted vehemently
filibustered to keep the work entitled "Size 6" it
was Justin who eventually broke the logjam and
convinced Ted to drop it and move on. Shay, in
an uncanny moment of brilliance, suggested
"Size 7", but Ted held out for "Size 8" in a
stubborn attempt to regain his lost status, and
some say, honor, in the band hierarchy. He was
eventually ostracized to the Cabrini Green area
of Chicago, where he was last seen working as
a fluffer in the adult-film industry
Another EP?

When the original working title of "Stairway To Seven
Eleven" was thought to be too intellectual and "over the
heads" of their target audience, the band concocted this
title by combining "Another Brick In The Wall" by Pink
Floyd with the folk chestnut "Old Dog ShEP " in a
shameless attempt at establishing street credibility in both
the British Art- Rock and American Appalachian
The band was subsequently sued by Huey Lewis for the
uncredited use of the song "Ghostbusters"

(Note the secret bonus track by the then-unknown
Las Vegas icon, Scatological Man Caruthers)
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